Monday, January 19, 2009

Women's Soccer: Hotties playing soccer - Good or bad?

Let's face the facts here: Women's Soccer is filled with a hott looking group of young women. Hard bodies and beautiful faces. But what role does this play in the appeal of women's soccer and more so in the fan base and the way they talk about it.

I was browsing through today, which is a huge forum space for soccer. WPS gets a lot of buzz from Big Soccer which is great. Going with the notion that many of the participants on Big Soccer are male, it is interesting to see the different opinions about the new league. There is lots of support, some trash talk and lots of questions. A real dialogue has been created in regards to the WPS Draft that took place last week. But when the pictures were posted of the drafted players, no one was talking about the soccer anymore.

Specifically I find it interesting how consecutive posts talk about how hot the players are or how they are cute in their little black dresses....

See for yourself (Click image to view closer):

I have had many conversations about women's soccer in regards to looking at these athletes bodies as hott women's bodies.

What do you think? If these hott girls are going to sell more tickets to the men lusting after them, then why not?
Should they be seen as athletes first and women second?

Does it matter?

(I am by no means generalizing Big Soccer or their bloggers, just using it as an example)

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